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The quality guarantee period from the date of purchase, the three-year (with purchase invoice date).
Since users of quality guarantee registration card and fill in the user YouFa to my company, as an effective.
In the quality guarantee period instruments in normal use by product warranty card fault happens, by my company is responsible for providing free maintenance, but due to flood, fire, earthquake or other disaster caused damage in the warranty.
During the quality guarantee period, if one of following cases, who I company will charge cost of raw materials and maintenance of the circumstances.
Did not produce product warranty card or with product warranty card content are inconsistent,
Not according to user manual refers to working procedures and environment is used due to damage;
Unauthorized, expansion, modified caused damage;
The our company maintenance technicians caused damage.
This quality guarantee only applicable to mainland.
The correct use of method and properly maintain, helped to prolong the service life of equipment, please strict according to this manual method USES.
Working environment of power supply unstable, please install the regulator, the power supply should be reliable grounding.
Instruments and environment should always keep dry and clean.
If instrument happen not normal, please promptly with dealers or contact our company.
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